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Life around SRM – A Glimpse
July 26, 2019

Welcome, vanakkam, and namaste! It doesn’t matter where your roots lie as you enter this prticular phase of your life. We sincerely hope that what follows is a way for each and everyone of you to grow into great and strong leaders of tomorrow!

We warmly welcome you to the college life at SRM, where truckloads of fun and experiences await you at every step you make. As you begin this journey of yours, it’s natural to be lost in the beginning, unaware of the whereabouts and how-to’s of places, and things nearby. Exploration and stumbling around has its own charm, but fret not! With bits & pieces of hints & tips here & there, you’ll jump right into the swing of things!

Potheri: The place that has it all!

Looking for a place to xerox some notes? Or maybe a place serving a quick snack? Or perhaps any fine restaurant for a delicious Sunday night dinner? Look no further, this place has it all! Potheri is the central marketplace of our college, serving as the closest and most convenient point for almost anything a student might need in their daily life.

It houses restaurants such as Beach House, Real Food Mall, Taj, (if you prefer Non-Veg) or Rajasthani Dhaba, Jeen Maata for the vegetarians. You’ll find many stationery shops for books and supplies; Shakina at the etrance, Gokulam at the Highway, and numerous other shops littered around.

If you’re looking for Fast Moving Consumer Goods? Potheri boasts of departmental stores such as Big Save, and Blue Berry; which are prime spots for getting everyday stuff. Also, many bike rentals can be found around the corner for the adventurers among you; in case you plan a short trip with your friends around the city. For those of you who tend to lean towards fitness, a couple of Gyms also provide their services; King’s Fitness being a prime choice.

Just take a trip down the (Historical) Back Gate of the Main Campus and you’ll find everything that you might ever need in your four yers at SRM. Potheri has it all.

For the foodies among you, let’s move on to the next level

OMR Food Street: A Paradise for the Foodies!

Take a right on the highway, walk for half a kilometer, and you’ll be at OMR Food Street. You’ll find Domino’s and KFC on the other side of the road, but the food street is what pulls people to this place.

There is Golconda’s- The perfect blend of Northern cuisine and Southern Vibes!
Or if you’re looking for lunch, then a cheesy burger cooked to your order, freshly baked pastries and delicious pasta is all you need to survive! Places like Meat n Eat, Signal Tod Cafe provide your taste buds with explosions of delicacies.

OMR urges on the foody inside you to move on to the next bite, the next one, and the next one. Food here is delicious, and the choices are inexplorable. However, if you prefer quantity together with taste, OMR isn’t somewhere you should look to.

The first year in your college life is the most free. Step out of your comfort zone, explore what lies beyond lines of sight, and venture out into the wide unknown.

We’re always here to help whenever you may need us.

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