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Our huge reach across various social media platforms makes us the perfect choice for getting word out in and around SRM campus. Being the media team in a campus of 30000 SRMites gives us a vast, unique audience.

Media Coverage

SRM University is a very happening place, and our team of reporters is always on stand by, covering whatever event you may wish. Don’t worry, our media coverage unit is secretly stand by everywhere and anywhere to capture the glitziness of SRM students.

Web Development

Need a helping hand in creating or polishing your online forum? Our team of developers is always ready. Also, they provide back-end & front-end services.

Study Materials

Don’t let any important topic go unattended. Take a peek into our study material repository and know what’s valuable and what’s not.

Question Papers

Want some extra preparation before you go into the exam week? You got it! Shuffle through our question paper archives and give your exam preparation a boost!

App Development

That idea of an app in your head doesn’t deserve a paper toss into the dustbin! Get your ideas to our skilled team members and the result is the application of your dreams.

Content Writing

Get your content penned down by our team of exemplary writers. Advertisements, Official Notices, & stuff just for fun, every little that you may want written.


Maybe your DSLR won’t give you the perfect snapshot you need. But our team of adept photographers is ready to capture your vivid memories into pictures and turn them into reality. Get your events pixelized and make your moments last forever with this domain.

Graphic Designing

For everything that you need drawn, colored, or maybe just flaunted flamboyantly, our team is there to create some of the most attractive designs as per your requirements.


We’re not just here, we’re everywhere! Our unparalleled network juggernaut across the social media is growing limitlessly, and with no stopping in sight.






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