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The First Day – Hostels
May 6, 2019

“The First Day – Hostels”

It was hot. When he got off the train at Potheri station, the first thing he felt was the heat. The huge signboard of the college immediately drew his eyes. It was where he was going to be for the next four years.

He crossed the road, boarded the shuttle bus; all this while brimming with the anticipation of finally being where he was meant to be. Just as the bus made its first turn, there it was; in all its refined glory. He was finally at SRM.

He went through the admission process in a haze, having hesitant conversations with equally hesitant strangers. Witnessing people from everywhere, trying to take in everything at once. He was finally done with the paperwork, had his ID card, and it was now the time for hostel.

He started looking for it, “Men’s Hostel”, “Women’s hostel”; the signs read. He kept wandering around, looking for any sign of “Boys Hostel”. The thought of asking a senior was too intimidating. After all, he didn’t want to walk into the M.Tech hostels just to annoy the seniors. But despite of however much he looked, he couldn’t find the Boys’ Hostel.

Finally, he asked a guard for directions, followed the instructions, and ended up at the gate he’d passed by so many times. “Men’s Hostel” it read.

He was confused, looking left & right, and thankfully someone sensed his plight. ‘Hey, you seem a bit lost, do you need any help?’ A person asked with a smile.

He was relieved, ‘Yes, could you please tell me where the Boys’ Hostel for 1st year students is?’, he asked. The person laughed out loud.

‘You’re standing right in front of it my friend. This is it.’ The person said. He looked at the door again. “Mens’ Hostel” the sign read. ‘But…’
Then he got it. He thanked the person, and walked through the gate.

School days were over.

College life had just begun.

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  1. Really felt nostalgic and emotional after reading this post. July 17, 2010 was the day when I officially became a student of SRM. We were allotted Adhiyaman and from the second year till 4th we were in Paari. It is rightly mentioned in the article that now you are not boys and girls. You are men and women. You are now responsible not only for yourselves but for your family and society too. These four years or whatever may be the case that you spend in the college and in the hostels will teach you important life lessons. Take pride in your successes and even more in you failures. Make friends, learn new things, do not hesitate to experiment; for these will be the years that make you. Always be proud to be an SRM product.

    Lots of love and best wishes from one of your not so illustrious seniors..hehe
    Gaurav Das
    B.Tech (Civil) 2010-14

    1. Happy to hear from you 🙂