November 19, 2016

Start: 28-11-2016

End: 29-11-2016

Organized by Department of Information Technology, School of Computing, SRM University

Every field be it technical or nontechnical, it is all about data, its management and analysis to arrive at solution to the problem at hand. Hence this workshop on “ Big data for all” is designed to provide basic knowledge about data management, data analysis and basics of machine learning irrespective of one’s discipline. Participants will also be learning very practical skills doing advanced data analysis with spreadsheets and Python.

It is suitable for younger technical students, or for students in nontechnical disciplines. This course would serve as a vehicle for bringing students together from a variety of disciplines with a shared interest in data. Interested faculty may also join.The sessions would be handled by Prof. Jennifer Widom, the Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University. 


Date: November 28-29, 2016.

Venue: Tech Park

Know More: Professor Widom’s Instructional Odyssey

Contact Information:

Mobile Number: 9884496212

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