What does the ‘Beast’ teach us?
April 10, 2017


With the latest version of the classic romantic dark fantasy ‘Beauty and the Beast’ recently released across the country only last month, having a star cast well known by the Indian audience, excitement had reached a fervent peak. Weekend shows house-full, pre-booking portals crammed and the popcorn counters in theaters minting gold, this movie had been in the news for quite a long time and for all the right reasons. Emma Watson – of Harry Potter fame, also known for her substantial speeches on feminism, played the smart, young and pretty protagonist, whose character has undergone a slight change from the original plot. Taking that the plot is already known by all and not going into minute details, here’s a bunch of things that we learnt from this 1740 classic:


1. Look beyond what you see

The Beast looks intimidating and scary, but once Belle takes the time to get to know him, it’s clear that his rough exterior is a just a facade. He’s really kind and gentle and just needs someone to give him a chance to show it.


2. Don’t Let Your Fears Get in the Way of New Experiences

Life can be scary, we get it. But pushing yourself out of your comfort zone makes you a better person.


3. Your ‘Happily Ever After’ Might Not Look Like One Right Away

Locked in a tower because a Beast has taken your father prisoner but you wanted to save him so you took his place? It doesn’t exactly sound like the road to ‘happily ever after’ (and in real life we do not condone it), but it symbolizes that your happy ending can start when you least expect it.


4. Believe in Magic

Whether it’s an enchanted rose, a mirror that can show you whatever you ask, or even the act of falling in love, magic is out there and it’s pretty great.


5. Never stop learning

Belle’s insatiable appetite for knowledge inspires us to learn something new everyday. We may not be in school anymore, but we can always be curious! When Belle teaches Beast to read, our hearts melt every time.


The movie reflects transitioning traditions in our world so that the masses can relate and enjoy. Hope you liked it too! 🙂


Sukriti Tiwari

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