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June 4, 2017

Our brain is just like an amazing tool which very sincerely follow the instructions we feed in it. But one of the biggest question that arises here is – How Brain functions differently for different people?

Well, let us take an example of Indians and Americans in terms of growth and development. Undoubtedly, people from U.S. are far more skillful and developed when compared with “Indians“. What’s the reason behind this? Is it that Americans are more intelligent than Indians? Well, in my opinion, that’s not the case. We have Mr. Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google and Mr. Satya Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft. They are Indians too yet they are successful in establishing their fame worldwide by their works. So, one cannot say that Indians are not capable enough. The difference only lies in the way people think and react.

I know a friend staying abroad who bought an Apple laptop from there before coming to India to pursue her bachelors. Due to some voltage fluctuation issue, her laptop suddenly stopped working. Then she gave it to a service-center for repair. They repaired and the laptop worked well for a few days before it stopped working again. This time she brought it to be repaired at her home place. There she came to know that the service-center in India had replaced her original motherboard and other internal parts with some duplicate and  cheaper quality parts because of which it’s condition has worsened than before. All this shows the difference- in dealing with the same stuff, by Indians and by the outside World.

The human brain carries unlimited sources of energy and strength, which can be utilized in both constructive or destructive manners. On one hand, some people among us, become so productive and creative. Such people have stimulated their brain cells in a positive direction. They have oriented their minds towards 1 goal and trained them to dive into the deep, hidden sources of energy present in them while on the other hand, there are people, who use their energy and their thinking in a negative and destructive manner.

The human brain is the most versatile organ in the body. It is the storehouse of extensive information, experiences, images and emotions. In fact, it not only stores but also analyzes and selects the material. It constantly works and has a tremendous power of creation and above all- it is always at our command be it creative or destructive in nature.

Our day-to-day problems and worries keep our minds entangled and exhaust us. The increasing involvement with so many routine activities leads to mental exhaustion. Some of these, of course, can’t be avoided but there are a no. of mental activities that can be avoided to save our energy: for instance idle gossip, criticism of others, quarrelling over trifles and the like.

One of the biggest thing that should be avoided is anger. What happens when we are angry? We feel complete mental exhaustion. We even lose control over our mental faculty and do certain acts just to repent later, fights are often picked up and hence we spoil our relationship with others. Our brain cells too, remain constantly over-excited and we consume more energy when we are actually doing nothing. One must remember that a relatively or completely relaxed mind can provide a better and effective output. Some people are naturally relaxed  while others master the simple physiological, behavioral and physical techniques to become relaxed. Millions of people around the World have learnt these techniques and there is no reason why we can’t do the same and get the benefit.

To make our life a meaningful one, we need to mind our thoughts and the foundation, the inspiration and the motivating power of our deeds. We create our entire World by the way we think. Our circumstances and conditions are not dictated by the World outside, but it is the World inside us that creates the outside. Hence, we alone have the choice to create our thoughts and develop the kind of impressions that make our action more positive. So, let us choose the thought seeds of right ideas, noble and courageous aspirations that will be received by the mind. Right introspection will be required of us to determine what we really desire to effect.

– Tanisha Gupta

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