Team Full Throttle



Team Full Throttle is SRM University’s Official Go-Karting team. With a team of 50 enthusiastic and inquisitive students from different branches, we work and plan together under one roof to design an engineering marvel go-kart.

Started in 2014 with just 20 members, the team has grown to full swing with every passing year. With an active Technical Domain, which deals with all the technical aspects of the kart; starting from designing, fabricating to testing, the team runs its own Corporate Domain as well, which deals with the finance and marketing of the kart.

With our motto being ‘In Pursuit Of Revolution’, the team has already achieved great milestones with Monster 1.0, our first prototype go-kart. No doubt we stand high in conquering the race tracks this year too with our newest prototype, Monster 2.0.

Our aim is to introduce an industry based environment for all the members affiliated with the team as well as provide hands-on work experience.
We set a benchmark for teams competing in the competition in Technical, Administration, Man-management and Research & Development.

In such a small span of time, we have brought laurels to the University and have established our own name as well.

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