Auto Creed Racing


Auto Creed Racing was established in 2015 by Dinesh Karri and co. The team is guided by Mr Joe Johnson and Mr S M Vignesh, both faculties of Mechatronics department. We work on fabricating electric racing go-karts. Electric vehicles are a thing of the future and aims for sustainable development, hence we chose this project.

In its first year, with almost no sponsors and simply determination, the team was able to build a kart and compete in a national level tournament which was organised by ISIE.
In 2017, the team headed to Gurgaon to compete in Eco Kart championship. Although we didn’t get a podium finish, our race kart was the fastest in the dynamic test.
This year, the team is better than ever with 20 strong members and captained by Shreyanshu Dwivedi (4th-year Automobile). Our next destination is Indore during the month of February. The tournament is organised by Blizzard Motorsports.
Contact :
Asmit Agrawal : +91 99620 91130