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Staycation- the best version of a vacation
December 23, 2017

Be it a kid going to school or a college student or even your dad going to work, everyone just loves to take a break from their busy and tiring schedule. And we as students living far away from home, crave for holidays. Don’t we? It is mainly because we get to go back to the comfort of our homes.

Once you are done with the semester, you don’t have to worry about your weirdo roommate’s snoring habit that doesn’t let you sleep. All you think about is the peaceful sleep you’ll be getting at home. You start thinking of what your mom will be cooking because you’re bored of the mess by the end of the semester. Everything is amazing without any worries. The heart skips a beat every time you cross out the days left for going home. And finally the day arrives. The excitement is unmatched, like, literally.

Plans are made with friends back at home even before your exams end. But that is what adds to the excitement, right ? You finally reach home after the long, never ending semester and the first thing your mom tells you is that you’re thinner than you were the last time and you stand there, thinking about that mess . Your mom makes you your favourite meal because she has missed having you around ! Go enjoy that “Gajar ka Halwa”, fam . Home is that one place where your food fantasies come true. You just have to mention what you want to eat and , its ready ! From that hot cup of tea, early in the morning , to a dinner fit for a king, everything is according to your wish because it is you who is the king. You have been yearning to get back in your car and drive around the city and this is what happens the very next day. How can we forget all the cousins who come over to meet you and how the evening turns out to be a little celebration. You end up narrating all the funny and exciting incidents at the hostel and how you struggled and managed to study the whole night before an exam.

Then, there is this one new restaurant in town, your friends have been telling you about. So you gotta go check it right? Also, simply roaming about in the city with nowhere to go, is amusing in its own way. You might want to go to your school with all your schoolmates because, nostalgia is just amazing! Everything feels great but life cant let happy times last long. Hence, the day when you’ve to go back is now closer than ever. You think about how excited you were to be back at home and now you’re equally disheartened. You wish to go back in time somehow and relive the past few days. Good times end soon and so, the day you’ll be leaving is just a night away. The hardest night ever. It is life that taught us that home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. You muster all the courage to face another semester and finally leave with a heavy heart. But, the only pleasing fact about leaving is that we get to come back again, someday. Don’t we ?

-Mohd Sahil

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