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Top 5 NBA Trades in 2018
February 17, 2018

Raj Kiran, our sports columnist, talks about the trades which can shape the destiny of the NBA for the remainder of the season. 1. Elfrid Payton (Traded to the Phoenix Suns by the Orlando Magic): From being drafted 10th overall to being traded low for a second round pick, Elfrid Payton has a come a […]

Top 5 January Window Transfers
February 15, 2018

                #5 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Dortmund to Arsenal for 56 million): After the loss of Alexis Sanchez to rivals Manchester United, Arsenal needed to sign a star player to signal their intent of winning some silverware this season. They found their star player in Dortmund’s pacy  striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang […]

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Happy Republic Day!
January 26, 2018

Happy 69th Republic Day !                                                                                                      […]

Hot off the Press
गणतंत्र का सत्य
January 26, 2018

‘गणतंत्र’ – रिपब्लिक। मतलब एक ऐसी सत्ता जिसे जनता बनाती है, जनता चलाती है। कहने को हमारा राष्ट्र भी ‘गणतंत्र’ हैं। हँसी आती है सुनकर। ऐसी शासन व्यवस्था जो आम जनता के कंधों पर टिकी हो, उसका ऐसा हश्र होना काफ़ी दुःखद है। हम अधिकारों की ‘बातें’ करते हैं। हम सही और गलत की ‘बातें’ […]

Pongalo Pongal- Let prosperity overflow!
January 14, 2018

India is a land whose primary occupation is agriculture. Changes in season thus play a very important role for Indian farmers. Their lifestyles and celebrations are thus exclusively linked to the seasonal landmarks in a year. There are many Indian festivals which are in tune with a farmers lifestyle and also with the seasonal variations […]

Livin’ it up
January 1, 2018

I still can’t believe I am in my last days of college!! Well, not days but definitely months. And for me, I am eagerly waiting for how my reaction is gonna be, who am gonna end up with and who ends up being close to me. Big mystery, but worth the wait. Three and a […]

Back and Forth
December 31, 2017

At this particular time of the year, there is so much to wonder and think about. The time flew so fast to realise the speed as to how soon the beginning, is already coming to an end. You just got this one evening to remember and cherish everything the year gave you and to retrospect, […]

December 24, 2017

Faculty of Engineering & Technology:  B.Tech.(Full Time) – 7th Semester (Regular only) M.Tech. (Full Time) – All Semesters B.Arch.- All Semesters B.Des. – All Semesters M.Arch. (Full Time & Part Time) – All Semesters & Advanced PG.Diploma – 1st Semester Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences:  MPH – All Semesters MBA-MPH – All Semesters  MPT […]

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