SRMbyAG Recruitment 2017 | Round-1 Results
October 2, 2017

The number of candidates selected for the Interview Round is: 84

Domain wise breakup:

  1. App Development – 13
  2. Content Writing & Reporting – 20
  3. Designing – 06
  4. Video Editing & VFX – 05
  5. Management – 22
  6. Web Development – 10
  7. Photography – 08

List of candidates who have qualified for the Interview Round for SRMbyAG Recruitment 2017 is here.
Download File: Round1_Congratulations_2017.pdf

Important notice for candidates qualified for Interview Round:

Below are the details for the interview session(domain wise).

We expect you to be punctual.

  • Laptop is mandatory for web dev, app dev, video editing & designing candidates.
  • For photography domain, your camera is mandatory.
  • For management domain, bring your resume. (mandatory)

Tip: You might be given tasks to complete it on the spot. Come prepared.
Also, bring your previous works to show us.

App Development10:00 am07/10/2017
Web Development12 noon07/10/2017
Content Writing & Reporting
(Sl. 1-10 – from the list)
02:00 pm07/10/2017
Content Writing & Reporting
(Sl. 11-20 – from the list)
02:30 pm07/10/2017
Video Editing & VFX04:00 pm07/10/2017
(Sl. 1-10 – from the list)
10:00 am08/10/2017
(Sl. 11-22 – from the list)
11:00 am08/10/2017
Designing01:00 pm08/10/2017
Photography04:00 pm08/10/2017

Venue: Room 202B, MBA-MCA Block, SRM University
(Get Directions)


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