Paul Walker: A Hollywood Star for the Masses.
September 12, 2017

It’s the 44th birthday of an actor who many people still swear by as their favourite despite 3 years post his untimely demise.




He is synonymous with the Fast and Furious series of course, but also as that superstar who set himself apart from the rest of the crop in Beverly Hills.

He was rooted and yes, a no-holds-barred star who didn’t believe in just the selective tenets of his personality popping up for the public to see. He was as real with the audience and his fans as he could be. Unlike most celebs of any film industry to be honest.

This was proved when he posed in a photoshoot for a magazine back in 2002. He was grouped along with a bunch of other stars, youth icons who chose to go all sultry, suave and serious for the camera. And here was ‘our guy’, who posed grinning whole-heartedly, just like the entire lot of us.

This is why he was endearing, and appealing to so many of the millennials. He was real in the modern world, which operates behind a veil, grey as it could be.

And for the masses, he proved the fact that if you are as real as you can be in life, people will associate with you, and wish oh so gut wrenchingly, to See You Again.

Anirudh Bhagavatula.





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