The Magic Whiff of Hostel Life at SRM.
December 20, 2017

Coming to the SRM Hostels, I realized hostel life changes a person drastically. Be it socially, emotionally, personally, anything.

Every hostel claims to be ‘A Home Away From Home’ but that does get a little vague sometimes. It is said that Home is Sweet. But again, life at home cannot be compared to life at hostel.

Coming to the hostels I realized there’s a great deal of learning I gotta take before I leave this place.

The one thing envious about this college is the tremendous amount of culture one could find here.

With people coming from all possible parts of the country, one challenging deal for all the students is to mix well with every one of them. And there’s fun doing that. Learning about new cultures, habits and people.

One could only guess the exuberance of it only while being a part himself.

It is when I came to the hostels that I realized how important home is.

SRM Hostels gave me a great deal of learning. First and foremost being the necessity to be self-dependent and autonomous.

You learn to become conscious. You learn managing finances. You learn that not everything in the world is easy to achieve and hence efforts have to be put in. You learn how important it is to stay healthy because unlike the home-days, you don’t have your parents constantly looking out for you.

P.S. Here, you could see a rather blurry picture of our kettle-cooked Maggi.

Of course, the Mess food doesn’t taste the same as ‘ma ka khana’. But then every problem has to have a solution, right? That’s where the beloved Maggi comes into the picture. No student goes through hostel life without surviving on tremendous amounts

of ramen for a prolonged period of time.

And that’s how life goes. Encountering something new and learning to muddle through with that.

Oh and the night gaming sessions, hostels bring out the best of gamers. Regardless of the assignments, the tests, the exams a student has the next day, a good gaming session with fellow hostellers is always an event to rejoice.

But not always can you skip the tests and stuff. And hence the late night group studies before an important exam come into the picture. Although the study sessions are not restricted to just studies alone, they do pay off a good amount of knowledge to appear for the exam (sometimes).

-Yogesh Gopi

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