Livin’ it up
January 1, 2018

I still can’t believe I am in my last days of college!!

Well, not days but definitely months. And for me, I am eagerly waiting for how my reaction is gonna be, who am gonna end up with and who ends up being close to me. Big mystery, but worth the wait.

Three and a half years back, I started my journey as a hollowed emptied vessel ready to accept whatever was being fed to me. And look here I am only with good memories and high hopes. The classes, the benches, the corridors, the lift. They feel so nostalgic now. Not because I’ll be gone too soon but because these places hold some very good conversations with people I knew and some very total strangers.

There are three stages of every college life which I believe is more than enough to find yourself.

First, the part where you can sense the fear and odds. The fear of falling apart, the fear of failing your life goals, the odds against being a part of a group and what not. And as for me, I wasn’t a very good risk taker. It took me time and effort to become who I am today.

Then there’s the second part where you accept that things aren’t going pretty much on your side. And that’s when all the ‘maybe-s’ come into the picture. Maybe if I had joined that course I could have done something more. Maybe if I had listened to her she would have been with me. And blah blah. This phase strikes the hardest but also teaches you the most.

Finally, there’s the part where you get sick of your rules and leave everything for ‘destiny’ to handle. Trust me, it feels the best when you know you have been through this and would get over it too. Its now that makes you the strongest and the happiest.

All of us have a story to tell. My story has been a long and intimate one. Too hard to even realize that I even lived to be one such person before. These years has taught me that you don’t necessarily have to be just one person. You don’t have to restrict you to a singular version of yourself.

It’s time that you explore more and complain less. Travel more and free yourself. You will definitely find your special dimension someday.

So here’s to the bunch of people who taught me to live in this place called college. Here’s to the family we get to choose. Here’s to the memories that enlighten me every single day. Here’s to the friendship and love for making mine a better life.


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