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Happy Republic Day!
January 26, 2018

Happy 69th Republic Day !                                                                                                                                                                     

The thoughts that come in my mind when I think about Republic day is not getting up early because it’s a holiday (an extended weekend this year!), great time for shopping due to sales and discounts across all shopping stores and websites and watching the colorful parade on the television with my family. It was a different scenario during my school days. I was happy because half of the classes were cancelled due to dance, choir and march past practices. Republic day was celebrated a day before in school. The students had to sit under the hot sun and watch the same old dance performances which never changed because we used to have a new chief guest every year. (sigh!) . Even the speeches were the same every year. A typical Republic day speech for school students started off by explaining why we celebrate it every year and ended by motivating the students to be patriotic as they are the future of the nation. The show used to finally end and  all of us were given chocolates.(Yayy!!)

Now coming to the serious part – It was on 15 August 1947, that India got its freedom from the tyranny of British rule. Then almost two and half years later it became a Democratic Republic. The Drafting Committee was given the task of planning the permanent Constitution of India in August 1947. Dr B R Ambedkar was the presiding chairman of the Drafting Committee. He submitted to the Assembly the Constitution of India on 4 November 1947. However it was on 26 January 1950 that the Constitution of India was fully enforced under the model of “purna swaraj”.

When we think of patriotism a picture of valiant warriors and great people who fought for the independence of our country comes to our mind. Being patriotic doesn’t necessarily mean making great sacrifices and fighting huge wars.We Indians have a very wrong and vague idea of patriotism. The love and happiness we feel for our country only on Republic day and Independence day would’ve have helped the country a lot if if it came out every day even in  little amounts. The zealous love for our country can be shown in small ways too. Being a good, active citizen and abiding by the laws, supporting our veterans, participating in voting are some of the easy ways to show your patriotism for the country.  The definition of patriotism cannot be defined by a dictionary, but by people.  Let’s take a small pledge this Republic day and show our patriotism in every simple way possible. Jai Hind!

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