Greenathon ’17 Results
May 15, 2017
Greenathon’17 organised by Gen Hybrid Labs on 13th April, 2017 at ESB Conference Hall, SRM University.
Winner : The Crofters

Runners-Up : Eco Rangers


The Crofters at the Award Ceremony
1) The Crofters made its way to the top of the table owing to its outstanding idea of “Smart Gardening: The Power of Habit”. The flagship product Crofters Ecosystem enables users to grow their own food inside the comfortable milieu of their homes. Based on the concept of Aquaponics,The Crofters Ecosystem is the amalgamation of an aquarium – that people just love to look at, and a plant bed where users can grow their food. This is a complete ecosystem and elucidates its core value of providing sustainable solutions.
Eco Rangers at the Award Ceremony
 2)  The idea that escalated Eco Rangers to the 2nd spot is POEM(Power Over Electromagnetic waves), a module that converts WiFi signals or any type of radio wave into usable form of energy. Its main application is to charge cell phones and other electrical gadgets including laptops, iPod etc. It is compact, mobile & requires no external cord.It is expected to be a good alternative for the bulky natured power banks.
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