Bringing The World To SRM
Win or Loose we are with you Team India
April 1, 2016

Cricket is a game of uncertainties, this T20 world cup seems to be no exception. From winning against Pakistan to beating Bangladesh in the last ball and making its way to the semi finals by an amazing win over Australia , and finally loosing against west indies. Dhoni’s captain-ship and Kohli’s outrageous assaults have a […]

What’s wrong with Mathematics?
March 27, 2016

There’s nothing wrong with mathematics. Except, for a few hundred equations. If only they could be wiped off Maths wouldn’t be cause of Frustrations . May be X could see for itself  Or, interest would realize someday  That we’re the most uninterested . No wonder how awesome it’d have been  In case we could find […]

Bura na mano..Holi hai!
March 23, 2016

When you ask someone ‘What describes India the best’ the most common answer is – Colourful and Cheerful. This very description is best justified by the wonderful festival that is Holi. The festival that initially began as the celebration of the triumph of a devotee has grown into a kaleidoscopic event of gamboling and festivity. […]

Our Life In A Box
March 21, 2016

As I write this , I’m eagerly waiting for the latest episode of How to get away with murder to release and hoping to God the next season of Suits releases tomorrow, but well, that’s not going to happen. Why am I telling you this? Well TV shows have become quite an integral part of […]

Hot off the Press
Sunrise: A Push We Need
February 18, 2016

Sometimes in life what people need is a push. A push to wake up , a push to get better , a push to move on. A push to stay together. A push comes in various forms , an understanding friend, a vendetta wish on a sour enemy. Pressure to move to the top or […]

Hot off the Press
Going to bed at 6 am_College life!
February 18, 2016

Nightlife may seem like a distraction but its an essential part of any college student. Studying can be exhausting and nothing recharges your battery like a fun filled college night. Its important to find time to get out of your room, leave books behind and enjoy yourself. Once the night hits, most students like to […]

Every weekend’s wish!
August 16, 2015

Every weekday we live waiting for the coming weekend! Expecting an empty and comfortable travel is what we wish! But we all know how our travel ends up as! Here are few pics which we love to experience while travelling around in Chennai from SRM!    

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