Bringing The World To SRM
A Soldier’s Only Regret
April 20, 2017

We are blessed with an angelic daughter. Everytime I look at her, she reminds me of you. Yes, she has got your beautiful eyes. The Letter, in the first instant, did what triggers, torture and grenades could not do even in 10 years. For the first time the Soldier’s hand trembled as he felt the […]

What does the ‘Beast’ teach us?
April 10, 2017

  With the latest version of the classic romantic dark fantasy ‘Beauty and the Beast’ recently released across the country only last month, having a star cast well known by the Indian audience, excitement had reached a fervent peak. Weekend shows house-full, pre-booking portals crammed and the popcorn counters in theaters minting gold, this movie […]

Hot off the Press
April 2, 2017

Soon after taking the oath of C.M. , Yogi Adityanath has formed the Anti-Romeo Squad in the state of U.P. ; the main motto of which is the protection of Girls’ from the bad elements of the society. Lots of good things have been said in favor of women in our holy books and religions […]

Fairy tales do exist
May 5, 2016

Fairy tales do exist and Leicester City just proved it. 5000/1 , such odds are one’s you’d probably give for Voldemort winning against Harry while reading the book the second time around. Basically , and practically impossible. The basic and practical impossibility is something Leicester City conquered on the 2nd of May by winning the […]

Summer Feels in the Campus
April 24, 2016

Summer The season of heat is here bringing with it long lengthy days and short sleepless night. As mere mortals we do one of two things , look¬† for a shade to move under or make sure to carry an umbrella or a cap to avoid the incinerating sun. All our energy is spent by […]

The Trio
April 15, 2016

“The Trio” because recently SRM KTR campus witnessed 3 very good fests namely “The Mozofest”,” Furor 4.0″ and “Elektra’16” conducted by SRMkzilla, IT Association and EEE Association respectively. Yes, these fests were surely a great success with many exciting events under their roof. Such fests surely are a treat to all of us. They take […]

April 11, 2016

After a happy series of holidays,its time for us to gear up. Being an SRMite, we all are well versed with the feeling of writing exams-a word that many students dread to hear, a word that many students fear of, a word that seems to have the magical power to transform a happy and cheerful […]

9 things about SRM you may not know
April 4, 2016

Few things about SRM you may not know We’ve all been on campus for quite some time now , but how many of us REALLY know our college? So well here goes , here are a few things you may not know -: 1. Are you sure you know where you’re studying? Before we go […]

Memories for Ages to Come..
April 4, 2016

“HUNDREDS OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, THOUSANDS OF DISCUSSED TOPICS,¬†INDESCRIBABALE FUNS, EVERY COLLEGE HOSTEL ROOM HOLDS MILLIONS OF MEMORIES” It is usually said ‘home sweet home’ but still why is it that when we go home still we feel like we want to go back to the hostel after few days of stay at home. Well it’s […]

A Walk To Main Campus
April 3, 2016

It has been rightly said that old is gold and Our main campus, the oldest of all still stands apart when it comes to serenity, tranquility and beauty. One enjoys a cool and calm environment, the shade of trees, chirping noises, and greenery that gives them a coolant feel. Small blocks of buildings with beautiful […]