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June 4, 2017

Our brain is just like an amazing tool which very sincerely follow the instructions we feed in it. But one of the biggest question that arises here is – How Brain functions differently for different people? Well, let us take an example of Indians and Americans in terms of growth and development. Undoubtedly, people from […]

Hot off the Press
The Lasso of XII
May 31, 2017

Father! Father! , exclaimed the daughter “Look!! I scored above 80%just like you demanded “. “Hmm , finaly , thank god for that”, the father sighed “Can I finaly now choose my field of choice, please?” “Of course , dear,you are always free to choose , we will never pressurize you” mother again repeated A […]

Time’s lethal weapon : The Yesterday
May 15, 2017

Yesterday I failed Yesterday I cried Yesterday I felt lost forever Yesterday I was all broken inside Yesterday I confessed “I quit !” Yesterday death seemed dearer It was all yesterday But if it was all yesterday , why does it still hurt ? Why do I still suffer ? Why do the dementors still […]

Hot off the Press

ज़माना बदल रहा है। कलियुग अपने ऊफ़ान पर है। भूत से भविष्य की ओर भागने में हम इतने मशगूल हो चुके हैं कि वर्तमान के सच से हमारा कोई वास्ता नहीं रहा। पतन नज़दीक है। मतलब बकचोदी को दो लाइन में इकट्ठा किया जाय तो ये बात सामने आती है कि 100 में से 99 […]

Hot off the Press
Rafael Nadal: A new Renaissance?
May 1, 2017

Rafael Nadal. One of the all-time legends of the game, along with of course, Roger Federer. He won the Barcelona Open for the 10th time yesterday, and looking at the way he’s playing at the moment, it’s rather tough to argue that he is ‘past’ his prime isn’t it? Well, he’d rather ask you to […]

A Soldier’s Only Regret
April 20, 2017

We are blessed with an angelic daughter. Everytime I look at her, she reminds me of you. Yes, she has got your beautiful eyes. The Letter, in the first instant, did what triggers, torture and grenades could not do even in 10 years. For the first time the Soldier’s hand trembled as he felt the […]

What does the ‘Beast’ teach us?
April 10, 2017

  With the latest version of the classic romantic dark fantasy ‘Beauty and the Beast’ recently released across the country only last month, having a star cast well known by the Indian audience, excitement had reached a fervent peak. Weekend shows house-full, pre-booking portals crammed and the popcorn counters in theaters minting gold, this movie […]

Hot off the Press
April 2, 2017

Soon after taking the oath of C.M. , Yogi Adityanath has formed the Anti-Romeo Squad in the state of U.P. ; the main motto of which is the protection of Girls’ from the bad elements of the society. Lots of good things have been said in favor of women in our holy books and religions […]

Fairy tales do exist
May 5, 2016

Fairy tales do exist and Leicester City just proved it. 5000/1 , such odds are one’s you’d probably give for Voldemort winning against Harry while reading the book the second time around. Basically , and practically impossible. The basic and practical impossibility is something Leicester City conquered on the 2nd of May by winning the […]

Summer Feels in the Campus
April 24, 2016

Summer The season of heat is here bringing with it long lengthy days and short sleepless night. As mere mortals we do one of two things , look  for a shade to move under or make sure to carry an umbrella or a cap to avoid the incinerating sun. All our energy is spent by […]