Back and Forth
December 31, 2017

At this particular time of the year, there is so much to wonder and think about. The time flew so fast to realise the speed as to how soon the beginning, is already coming to an end. You just got this one evening to remember and cherish everything the year gave you and to retrospect, what you have learnt on the gains and losses, happiness and sorrow, achievements and shortfalls, so on and so forth.

As the year nears to an end, you would have gained and lost a lot of things which made the year equally good and bad. Good because you still have the courage to walk into the next and bad, because of the moments you might never live again. It isn’t bad because of all the bad that happened throughout the year, but it was just a lesson, an experience for your own good. And about all the good, you got the memories you created, the opportunities to carry forward. There might be some broken resolutions and promises that made the year difficult and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it, because all those promises you made to yourself, have made you a lot more mature, to be a stronger person and have made the beliefs, even more powerful. Be proud of the good endeavours and take the outcome as a lesson. Trying itself takes a lot of heart and courage, so stop blaming and breaking, because they are not complete, rather smile because you actually worked on them.

Enter this new year loving yourself in different ways, in a different dimension altogether. We work in ways where sometimes we don’t align because our intersections lead us elsewhere. We find ourselves in ‘the rapids’, which lead to lightning, in beds that leave us homesick. We lust after the impetuous, in hopelessness, and sometimes in the reactive. On a happy note, why don’t we all do something for ourselves this year and probably every approaching year? Take out time to work on yourself because you might not get long to live and enjoy the life you have. Learn new things, explore the unseen horizons inside of you, help yourself to know ‘you’, grow in all those places that you love and fill yourself with people, places and all the emotions you love, to give yourself the chance to develop.
Love yourself a little more every day, and that, should not need a reason. May you all have a great start to 2018!

Sneha Iyer

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